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  • 100% Cotton Buckram White Available in 3 widths

  • An intricate dual colour satin finish tieback Smooth satin covered balls joined together by a single twist glossy rope cord.  With an intricate weave on three larger cylindrical shapes each spaced 5 balls apart, 16.5 cms (6.5″) between each cylinder Meaurements: Embrace length 90 cms (36″) – hanging length each side 45 cms (18″) Ball…

  • This matt finish sunburst magnetic tieback is a smaller version of the Soledad magnetic tieback The front circular disc is joined by a slim single twist matching cord to a smaller circular back disc no wall hooks required Measurements Embrace length – 50cms (20″) Front disc diameter – 6 cms (2.25″) – thickness 1 cm (0.4″) Back…

  • Simple clip on magnet in silver with an attractive central swathe of colour Length each side 15 cms (6″) Width 3 cms (1.25″)  

  • An oval shaped magnetic tieback with a shiny gloss or matt finish no wall hooks required 2 same size magnets joined together by a single slim twist metallic cord Total embrace length 55 cms (21.5″) Magnet length 5.5 cms (2″), width 3.5 cms (1.5″)  

  • A small magnetic tieback with 2 same size magnets joined together by a single slim twist metallic cord Suitable for voiles and lightweight curtains no wall hooks required Total embrace length 30 cms (11.75″) Disc diameter 4 cms (1.5″)  

  • A marbled effect slightly dome shaped front magnet joined together by an attractive slim twist matching cord to a smaller plain back magnet Suitable for lightweight curtains no wall hooks required Measurements: Total embrace length 26 cms (10.25″) Front magnet diameter 4 cms (1.5″) Back magnet diameter 2 cms (0.75″)

  • A dimple textured magnet – 1 square / 1 round disc  joined together by a slim matching single twist cord Total embrace length 57cms (22.5″) Square/Round disc size 4cms (1.5″) – both 1 cm (3/8″) thick no wall hooks required

  • A magnetic tieback with a rustic dimple textured finish outer circle with a smooth central insert A large circle (front of curtain) joined together by a slim twist matching cord to a smaller circle (back of curtain) no wall hooks required Embrace length 50 cms (19.5″) Front magnet outside diameter 10 cms (4″) – thickness 1 cm…

  • This light weight magnetic daisy flower tieback in a natural jute fabric (70% jute / 10% cotton / 20% metal magnet) is joined by a jute/cotton cord to a decorative small flat pom pom at the back All flower centres are beige with a contrasting two tone beige cord no wall hooks required Total embrace…

  • Silk & Crystal effect bead tieback with slim twist loop end cords Total embrace length (including loop ends) 76 cms (30″) Hanging length each side 38 cms (15″) Bead diameter 2.5 cms (1″) with 2 larger cone shaped beads at loop ends 3 cms (1.25″) long, 4 cms (1.5″) diameter

  • An attractive beaded tieback Small coloured beads with smooth stone effect discs Suitable for Voile curtains Measurements: Total Embrace Length 74 cms (29″) – hanging length each side 37cms (14.5″) Disc diameter 2.5 cms (1″)  

  • A strong but flexible Jute rustic finish rope twist tieback 90% Jute Rope Embrace length – 60cms (23.5″) Cord diameter – 2cms (0.75″) Ball End diameter – 5cms (2″)  

  • A circular magnetic tieback with a coiled single twist cord insert and a matching central button and outer rim Large front disc joined together by a single twist matching cord to a smaller plain back disc Measurements Total embrace length 47cms (18.5″) Front magnet diameter 7cms (2.5″) Back magnet diameter 3cms (1″)

  • A stone effect heart shaped triple flower design tieback with an intricate loop ended plaited cord The colours available, grey & cream, refer only to the cord colour, the heart is an off white colour Heart length 9 cms (3.5″) Heart width (at widest point) 9 cms (3.5″) Cord length (each side) 34 cms (13.5″)

  • A traditional single twist hanging cord & silky tassel tieback in various colour combinations Measurements Total Embrace Length 78 cms (30.5″) – hanging cord length each side 39 cms (15.25″) Tassel Length 18 cms (7″)  

  • A luxorious silky tassel tieback with an attractive bronze ridged head joined by a cable twist cord Cord hanging length each side 36 cms (14.25″) Tassel length (including bronze ridged head) 24cms (9.5″) Joining cable loop 7 cms (2.75″) Total hanging length (including tassel) 70 cms (27.5″)

  • This tieback has an embossed heart shape on a wooden background with a matching colour cotton cord embrace Embrace length 52cms (20.5″) Heart Shape 8cms (3″) x 8cms (3″)  

  • Silky tassel, thick single twist cord tieback with a circular smooth cord tassel head Measurements: Total embrace length 80 cms (31.5″) – 40 cms (15.75″) each side Tassel length 23 cms (9″) Cord diameter 1.5 cms  

  • These faux leather retro tie bands are now back on trend A smart stylish plain & two tone reversible tieback Total Length – 70 cms Width – 6cms

  • Thick intricate cable twist flexible magnetic tieback with silver metal 4 stack magnet ends Please note that the colour refers only to the cable, all metal magnet ends are silver Cable length 70cms (27.5″) Cable thickness diameter 2 cms (0.75″) End magnet length 3cms (1.25″) no wall hooks required