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crown finial – light oak zoom


A.Gilded – Gothic zoom


Gold Over Black – Beehive zoom


Highlighted – Oriental zoom


Walnut – Vase zoom


L. Oak – Peardrop zoom


Gilded – Button zoom


Cherry – Flute zoom


crown finial – light oak
A.Gilded – Gothic
Gold Over Black – Beehive
Highlighted – Oriental
Walnut – Vase
L. Oak – Peardrop
Gilded – Button
Cherry – Flute
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Wooden Finials (all except Ball & Cap) – Any Finish any Finial



All wooden finial except ball finial & cap – Metallic / Limed / Washed


Diameter 35mm

Length            Width

Beehive Finial       80 mm       60 mm

Oriental Finial     110 mm       55 mm

Vase Finial           125 mm       55 mm

Peardrop Finial   110 mm       70 mm

Button Finial        48 mm        70 mm

Crown Finial       140 mm       70 mm


Diameter 50mm

Length           Width

Beehive Finial       110 mm       90 mm

Oriental Finial      135 mm       80 mm

Vase Finial            160 mm       80 mm

Peardrop Finial    130 mm       83 mm

Button Finial         48 mm        83 mm

Crown Finial        160 mm       83 mm

Diameter 63mm

Beehive Finial       110 mm       90 mm

Oriental Finial      140 mm       90 mm

Vase Finial            160 mm       90 mm

Peardrop Finial    140 mm       93 mm

Button Finial         48 mm        93 mm

Crown Finial        160 mm       93 mm


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