U – Curtain Eyelet Tape with 40mm Brass Eyelets – ref : RSV40L




A strong tape with metal eyelets firmly fixed in the heading tape with Velcro (loop part) woven into the bottom of the tape

No measuring & cutting required

Eyelet size: 40mm inside diameter / 60mm outside diameter

Tape width: 105 mm

The eyelets are spaced at 18cm intervals (centre to centre) and there are 8 eyelets in a 1.6mtr blister pack

Minimal sewing required, just sew the velcro strip (hook part) – supplied separately – to the top of your curtain material on the right side of the fabric

Attach the loop part at the bottom of the heading tape to the sewn on hook tape

Then simply stitch the ends down to neaten & finish

The advantage of the velcro attachment system is that the heading tape can be detached allowing you to wash or dryclean just the curtain material without damaging the metal eyelets which are not washable or drycleanable

Available in several colours of tape and three different colours of eyelets Brass, Matt Nickel & Gunmetal

(if exact colour match is essential please request a sample first)




Product Code: RSV40L

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