Nylon Coloured TRANSPARENT Eyelets 44mm (clip together) – 548501T




Eyelet – transparent finish

Inside diameter 44mm (1.75″)

Outside diameter 70mm (2.75″)

For use with curtain rods maximum 35mm diameter

Price shown is for a complete eyelet (1 front & 1 back)

Instruction for Fixing 44mm Clip-Together Eyelets

Draw some circles on your fabric top.  They must be 5mm larger than the inside diameter of the eyelet

Be careful to put the same distance between each circle and to the upper hem.  Recommended distance between 44mm eyelets (centre to centre) is 18cms

Cut the circle away, then fasten both parts of the eyelet together from each side of the fabric

Transparent tape (100mm) with holes pre-cut at the recommended spacing distance is available to order.  This tape makes the job of measuring eyelet spacing & cutting much easier.  To help you calculate how many eyelets you will need (if you use this tape) there are 11 pre-cut holes in 2 mtrs of tape 


Product Code: 548501T

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