U – Decoband (Sew-On) Curtain Tape with 40mm Gunmetal Eyelets – DBD 40 C




A strong curtain tape with 40mm gunmetal metal eyelets fixed firmly into the heading

An over-lapping 2cm opening in the bottom of the tape into which the top of your curtain can be inserted and then simply sewn together

The eyelets are spaced at 18cms between eyelets (centre to centre) – 6 eyelets in 1 mtr of tape

Eyelet size: 40mm inside diameter / 60mm outside diameter

Tape depth: 105mm

Guide to help you decide how much tape you would need to order:

54″ width curtain = 137cms x 2 (for a pair of curtains) = 274cms

You would need to order 3 mtrs of tape which will allow any wastage necessary to ensure eyelets are placed evenly on each width

Each 54″ (137cms) width takes 8 eyelets


Product Code: DBD 40 C/FAK

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