Curtain Heading Tape available on request


Please enquire about any type of curtain tape heading that is of interest to you and we will offer our nearest product

Some of our available products are available on a two week delivery schedule but are not detailed on the site

A list of these are as follows:

A lot are available in Heavy Duty versions (with polypropylene as well as polyester)

Tubular Tape 2.5cm (1″) only

Various Pleating tapes in different widths and colours, also multi pocketed pleating tape

Pleating tapes with specialised pleats: Flat pleats (various sizes), Triple Fan Pleats, Straight Triple Pleats.

D`abeille (Diamond Pleats), Triangular Pleats, Grincefisso (ruched top and bottom), Globe Pleats & Vage (enlarged pleats)

Tape with Velcro



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