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Corded Curtain Poles – Stained / Painted


This type of Curtain Pole is only available in the smooth poles with a diameter of 50mm or 63mm.  Maximum 4.8m for a pair of curtains and 2.4m for a single curtain

This a bespoke item and to order please place (the order the next size up from your required length) or get a price on the round pole pages either painted or gilded and add £140 to the price given to cover the insertion of track.

In the comments, please state you require a Corded Pole so we can go ahead and arrange manufacture.

We will then contact you and arrange for the extra charge and obtain the details below.

A metal track is inserted into the underside of the pole and then the curtain is suspended from the runners in the track (no rings are used with this track)

The pole is supplied complete with track, runners, overlap arm and all the pulleys

The curtain can be drawn by hand or with the cord mechanism if you want it to be included

Before confirming the order please make a note in the “comments” box (if you have chosen the corded option) whether you wish the cord to be on the right or the left hand side

Also include the exact length you wish the pole to be before the finials are added


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