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Cameron Fuller System 30 Straight Track Packs





  • To order please first select the right track for you, Ceiling Fix or Face Fix Both these options come with a choice of Gliders,
  • (1) Plain Gliders which are free flowing (ignore  in surf choice box)
  • (2) Surf Gliders which have stops attached to make the curtain form folds 60mm or 80cm wide Choose Surf 60 or Surf 80 – Choose the Finial ( pack comes with Cap Finial)– to see photos – click the link Choose the Colour – to see photos – click the link To answer all other questions please – click the Technical Details line
  • If Only One Curtain is used and Surf Gliders are also used. Please make a note in the “Comments” section on the order to say from which side the curtain is drawn from.

Choose the Colour – to see photos – click the link

Compatible with Cameron Fuller connect surf glider system

  • Curtains can be used hand-drawn, with draw-rods
  • Unlimited system length, neat colour coded track joiner covers and gliders pass the track joins
  • Suitable for curtains up to 10kg/mtr made up width
  • Great range of colours
  • Matching decorative finials
  • Multiple bracket options: adjustable, heavy duty, double, all colour coded with  screw covers
  • Neat ceiling fix: track fixes straight to a ceiling/topboard without the use of any brackets
    Refer to Technical Details for fitting instruction
  • A former to bend the track comes with each order
  • Send us an email should you require samples of the colour
  • See separate page for the draw rod and the draw rod carrier
  • Each Pack contains : track – gliders – 2 cap finials – 2 Glider Stops – One track Joiner and brackets
  • If Double Pole Brackets are required: Order your two pole packs, then in the “comments ” add your requirement for Double Pole Brackets. All brackets are the same price.
  • If you wish the Adjustable Heavy Duty Brackets , then in the “comments ” add your requirement for Adjustable Heavy duty Brackets. All brackets are the same price.
  • NB : please note that on the Straight track over 3 meters the Surf gliders will not work ( only the Bendable track is available ) because of the type of bracket with the Double Pole Brackets.

Please note the Surf gliders only work with the Bendable track


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