Curtain Pole for Bay Poles – 19 mm Diameter – With Bay Map




Curtain pole packs for 19mm diameter poles bent to fit bay windows

For 1 bend – ask for a price

For 2 bends – £171.60

For 4 bends – £222.00

For 6 bends – £272.40

The pack comes with finials of your choice, two end brackets and as many by-pass brackets as required, plus “C” Rings to pass over the by-pass brackets.

To order please fill in the details required on the measurement sheet and email me the result eg: A to B – 23cm B to C = 40cm etc.  One sheet has the finials on the inside the other on the out side.  Please include your phone number and address.

Note : IMG001 is form inside finials & bay pole -1 is for out side finials


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