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Types of Room

Living areas and lounges

Where design issues are often the most difficult. Curtains here need to be robust. Other than the kitchen, this is the part of the home that sees the most activity. Strongly patterned curtains can dominate a room, whilst paler and quieter curtains allow more scope with furniture and fittings. This area is used during the day and the evening. So, why not voiles fitted close to the window giving both light and privacy in daylight, with heavier curtains providing structure, privacy and warmth after the sun goes down.

Dining rooms

These are often more snug, more intimate rooms. Here, daytime privacy is not as important, so a single set of curtains makes more sense. As the dining experience is supposed to be luxurious, why not pick curtains that aspire to a little decadence! Richer colours and textures are acceptable, as are quite bold patterns. But remember that too bold a pattern can be overpowering in a smaller room.


Bedrooms are the rooms where individual preferences can be expressed best. Teenagers in particular spend a lot of time in “their” room. Heavier curtains that are warm and light proof and give privacy at night may not be entirely appropriate for daytime. On an east facing window light and bright curtains give little relief from the sun at dawn on a summer morning, but are excellent for a northerly aspect.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Light and bright is the order of the day here. But be careful. It is dangerous to hang curtains near a cooker. And do not let them blow about. Use tie backs. It is advisable, also, to keep them away from the sink, where splashes from taps or hands can affect the curtains, and from worktops. This is the case, also, in bathrooms. Generally the rule is to keep kitchen and bathroom curtains within the window recess and to keep them compact and short wherever else.

Study and hobby rooms

Often these are amongst the smallest rooms in the house. The curtains, therefore need to be neat, tidy, light and bright. Once again, the window aspect is important. Heavier curtains may be need to keep sunlight away from TV and computer screens. Remember, here, that small windows can look bigger with curtains that draw back completely against the wall. Where floor and wall space is limited, restrict the curtains to the height of the window sill.