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Roman Blinds


The size of the blinds are the size your Roman blind will measure when it arrives, so if your window does not have a recess just choose the size that will fit or have the overlap you require. Measuring inside and outside the recess.

Inside measurement

Inside the recess. Measure at three points, horizontally and vertically. Record the shortest dimension horizontally and the shortest dimension vertically.

Outside measurement

Outside measurement of the recess. Measure at three points, horizontally and vertically Add preferred overlap to largest dimension. (100mm is standard). When measuring, please take note of items like handles, etc, that could interfere with the smooth operation or control of your blind. Always record your dimensions accurately and in millimetres.

Control options

Vantage – chain control

On the Vantage option, your Roman blind is raised and lowered by a simple chain loop for smooth operation. The control chain sits behind the fabric on your blind and can be positioned on the left or right hand side for easy access.

Elan – cord control

On the Elan option, your Roman blind is raised and lowered by a cord. The cord is positioned on the front of the blind through an eyelet, which is concealed with a fabric pelmet to match your blind.

Lining options

Please choose the lining you require from the following:

Standard – White or Blackout – Off White

Read our Roman blind measuring guide