Curtain Tie-Backs

The benefits

Tie-backs on a curtain can provide a range of different services. They can increase light when the curtains are open, make the curtains hang neatly and keep the curtains away from activity in the room.

Traditional tie-backs are made from the same fabric as the curtain or from a complementary fabric to that of the curtain. Now, increasingly, more modern forms of tie-back are coming to the fore.

Where tab-tops and decorative pins are used, the tie-backs can match the pins. Bead tie-backs are very attractive and extremely popular.

Alternatively there is a new range of beautiful organdie and taffeta flower tie-backs on the market. These brighten the quietest curtain. They are available as traditional tie-backs or as smaller fixed units. These latter mini units are particularly suitable for voiles and nets or as design features on fixed curtain displays.