Ideas Gallery

We are passionate about curtains. We hope that you are as well.

We believe that curtain design and making are well within the grasp of everyone that cares about the look and feel of their home. And, as we learned (and are still learning) from those that went before us (thanks Mum!), we want this site to be both educational and useful. We want the art of curtain making to be accessible to all. To do this, we need your help.

We wish to pass on ideas tips and designs to the broadest possible audience. Let others see what can be done. Inspire them! Give others the benefit of your experience, your shortcuts and your techniques. Let’s take the mystique out of curtain making!

Send us your pictures, comments or questions on any aspect of design or creation. In particular, we are looking for inspiration that can be shared. We wish for everybody to be enthusiastic and unafraid to translate their own ideas into a beautiful reality.