About us

Who are Curtain Genius

Curtain Genius is a company created by Ernest Bowery in beautiful Dumfries and Galloway in Southwest Scotland. We have recently relocated to an equally beautiful part of the country in Devon where we will continue to provide the same level of service and customer satisfaction.

Curtain Genius was formed to meet a real need for a one stop shop on the internet to supply high quality, inexpensive and imaginative fittings for curtains.

So what makes you think that we know what we are doing? Well, Ernest has been in this business as a wholesaler, distributor and agent for over 25 years. And, if that is not enough, he is being supported by a real expert, his wife, Pauline!

Should you have a question, please ask

The products we offer come from a variety of sources. Importantly, however, we only source from people and companies that we have built up a reliable & trustworthy relationship with over many years. We believe that business should be personal. So, if you want to contact us, please do, we are only a phone call or email away.

We are interested in you, your ideas, your thoughts, your questions and yes, your complaints which we will always follow through to bring to a satisfactory conclusion.

We constantly strive to develop Curtain Genius from its modest start into an absolute must visit for curtain makers, amateur and professional. We offer a comprehensive range of curtain accessories from a simple curtain hook & curtain tape headings to curtain poles & tiebacks

Keep coming back and taking a look! We will not let you down.